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Importing the Demo Content

Once you’ve successfully installed and activated the child theme now you can Import Demo data that comes with the Molti Child theme. After installing the Molti Child Theme on your site you’ll see a notice on the top to Install Required Plugin to import the Demo content. Just click on the “Begin Installing Plugin”.

Now you’ll have to install the “One Click Demo Importer” plugin on your site. Simply click on Install & it will install & activate the plugin on your site.

Once the plugins is installed, you can click on “Return to Dashboard”.

Now go to Appearance -> Import Demo Data.

On this screen, click on the “Import Demo Data” button to start the Demo Import Process.

On the next screen, click “Continue & Import” Button.

And all the Demo content will be imported in a minute or a little more. Make sure you don’t close the window while importing. Once the Demo data is imported It will show something like this.

Manually Importing the Demo Content

In case, you’re unable to Import the Content from the Demo Content Importer. You’ve got the option to import the demo content manually. From the extracted Child Theme Files, look for “Molti Child Theme Files – For Manual” and extract it and you’ll get a folder with 3 Child Theme Content Files.

And If you’ve purchased from Divi Marketplace, look for this file in the Supplementary Files.

And now go to your Dashboard -> Appearance -> Import Demo Data -> Switch to Manual Import.

And now you’ll need to upload those 3 files as the name suggests where to upload. And then click the Import button. And for a few minutes.

Once It’s done, You’ll see a “success” message, means It’s now time to move to Theme Builder Templates.

Still Unable to Import the Demo Content? Try This!

If you were still unable to Import the Demo Content, It’s a sign of very poor Hosting or something wrong with your Hosting Configurations. Move to a better Hosting e.g Cloudways.

But no worries, this will definitely help you Import the Demo Content. We do recommend you import the demo content from the above methods. This method is for worse situations.

While importing, smaller versions of images are being generated, which takes up a lot of server memory, so you can disable that with a line of code. Add this code to the Molti’s functions.php file by going to WordPress Dashboard -> Appearance -> Theme Editor and select the Molti Child Theme from the dropdown and then select the functions.php.

add_filter( 'ocdi/regenerate_thumbnails_in_content_import', '__return_false' );

Once the Code is in place. Update the File and Import the Demo Content again by going to Appearance -> Import Demo Data. And this time It will Import the Demo Content but not the smaller version of Images. Which can be then generated by installing the Regenerate Thumbnails.

After Installing the Plugin on your site, please go to Tools -> Regenerate Thumbnails and Regenerate the Thumbnails by clicking on those buttons.

Once you’re done, you can remove the code from the Theme’s functions.php and Uninstall the Plugin from your site.

Import Theme Builder Templates

Now you’ll have to import the Theme Builder Templates. For this go to Divi -> Theme Builder.

Now click on the Portability Icon on the top right of the screen.

It will show a popup window, click on the Import tab, and then choose the Theme Builder Template from the Package you downloaded. And make sure “Import Preset” is checked then click on Import Button.

Once imported, make sure you “Save the Changes” to get the Demo Content imported successfully.

And that’s it you’ve successfully imported the Demo content, move to the next article to make some Important Settings.