Saving Headers in Divi Cloud

Note: Divi Cloud is a Paid Divi Service, which makes it easy for Agencies & Teams to work with Divi. Easily & effortlessly share Layouts & Templates without having to wait much.

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Now, Let's see how you can easily save Super Headers Collection to Divi Cloud. It only takes a few seconds.

The Benefit of saving the Headers on Divi Cloud is that you can use them later on any site, the headers will be in the Cloud and when you want to use any header, you can simply choose the Header from the Cloud, and you won't have to go through import process again.

Step 1. Enable Divi Builder on Any Page

First, you'll have to enable Divi Builder on Any Page and Hit the "+" Icon at the bottom.

Step 2. Import to Divi Cloud

Now, you'll see a modal appear, hit the Portability Icon at the top and then drag & drop the "All 35 Super Headers.json" file and make sure to check "Import to Cloud" and hit the Import button.

And that's it, all the Headers are now Saved in your Divi Cloud and now you can use them on any site you like. Simply log in to your Divi Cloud Account on that site and Super Headers Collection should appear!

The Best part of Divi Cloud is that It also generates a Screenshot for the Header, so you can see the Header before Importing to the site.

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