Important Changes

Once you're done with Installation & Demo Import Process. You need to make the below 2 changes, to make sure everything is perfect.

So now, you'll have to look into the Extracted package and look for the "Supplementary" Zip file, you need to extract it.

If you've purchased from Divi Marketplace, please look for the "Supplementary Download" button for Supreme Store in your Marketplace Account area.

And you'll need to get these 2 files.

Wishlist Settings

So first off, we need to Import Wishlist Settings. For that, go to Dashboard -> TI Wishlist -> Export/Import Settings and then go to Import area and here upload the "Settings for Wishlist - Supreme Store.json" and click the Import button.

Product Filters Settings

Next, we need to Import Product Filters Settings. For this, go to Dashboard -> Product Filters and click the Import button at the top and then you'll see a Popup. Click the "Import" button and then choose the "Product Filters - Supreme Store.json" file and It will import product filters.

And That's It you're good to go 🥳

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