Installing the Child Theme

Please Make sure you're Installing the Theme as a Plugin on your site by going to Plugins -> Add New as mentioned below.
Once you’ve downloaded the Child Theme Package, You should then extract all the files in it to your PC. Once extracted you’ll get the “” and some other files. To Install the Child Theme we need the “” file then go ahead to your WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Add New.
If you've purchased from Divi Marketplace, you don't need to extract the File. You simply need to install the "" by going to Plugins -> Add New.
Now click on the Upload button at the top and then upload the “” here and click on the Install Now button.
Or upload "" If you've purchased from Divi Marketplace.
After that click on the Activate Button to activate the plugin.
With that, It will install the Molti Ecommerce Demo Content Importer on your site. Now click the below button to see how to Import Demo Content.