Important Settings

Once you’re done with Installation & Importing Demo Content. You’ll have to make these changes to make sure everything is perfect.

Go to Settings -> Permalinks and change Permalink to β€œPost Name” and Save the Changes.

To avoid any issues, It's recommended to change the permalink to Post Name!

πŸ”‘ Enable User Registration

For users to be able to create an account on your site, you'll need to enable "Anyone Can Register" under Dashboard -> Settings -> General.

πŸŽ“ LearnDash Settings

You'll have to make a few changes and adjustments in the LearnDash settings so that everything works correctly. Simply go to Dashboard -> LearnDash LMS -> Settings and here make these changes:

  • Change the Colors to your brand colors.

  • Enable "Focus Mode".

  • Enable "Login & Registration".

  • And Upload your Logo.

πŸ’΅ Currency Setup

Go to the Payments tab in LearnDash settings and here change the Currency to your preferred one.

And In the Payments Tab, you can also set up the Payment Gateway, that you'd like to use.

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