Important Settings

Once you’re done with Installation & Importing Demo Content. You’ll have to make these changes to make sure everything is perfect.

Go to Settings -> Permalinks and change Permalink to “Post Name” and Save the Changes.

🔎 Quick View

Now we’ll need to go to YITH -> Quick View and in the “Quick View Button Label” we need to replace the text with a capital U and Save Changes. This will show the Search icon for the Quick View Icon on the Shop Module.

🛒 Enable CartPops

Now you’ll have to Enable the CarPops for the “Ajax-based Cart Popup Drawer” and the Cart Icon in the Menu. Just click on the Enable CartPops toggle and Save the Changes. Once It’s enabled and working, you can play around with the Settings and get the most out of this plugin.

♥️ Wishlist Settings

Now we’ll have to Import the Wishlist Settings. For that, look in the Supplementary Files in your PC for the “Molti Ecommerce – Wishlist Settings” and then go to TI Wishlist -> Export/Import Settings and in the Import Section upload that file and click on the Import Button.

If you’re unable to Upload JSON file, please follow this guide:

For Divi Marketplace users, please go to your Elegant Themes account and download Supplementary Files for Molti Ecommerce and in that file you'll find the "Molti Ecommerce – Wishlist Settings.Json" file.

🧤Filter Settings

Filter Settings are Important for the Shop Page, you can import the ones provided with the Child Theme or you can create your own in Product Filters -> Add New.

If you want to use the one that comes with the Child Theme, go to Dashboard -> Product Filters -> Import and you'll see a Popup, in the Popup click the Import Button and choose the Product Filters File from the Supplementary Folder in the Downloaded Child Theme files. Ans then the Filters will be Imported to your site.

For Divi Marketplace users, please go to your Elegant Themes account and download Supplementary Files for Molti Ecommerce and in that file you'll find the Product Filters.Json file.

If you've purchased from our Official site, then It's included in the Downloaded Product file, look for the "Supplementary Files" folder.

🐶 Woo Shortcodes Kit Settings

Woo Shortcode Kit plugin is not included in the Molti Ecommerce Child Theme from v1.0.8 due to the plugin not being free anymore. You'll have to pay $1/month to get the plugin and updates from the Official site here:

The Plugin used to be free but due to some issues with WordPress, the plugin was removed from WP Repository and is now only available on the developer's site for $1/m.

We've provided a solution for this issue as well in v1.0.8. Molti Ecommerce now provides My Account v2, If you decide not to use the Woo Shortcode kit Plugin.

You can see the demo here: It looks pretty much the same but some missing features are only possible when using the Woo Shortcode kit plugin.

Now we’ll need to enable a few switches for Login & My Account Page to function properly. For that go to Dashboard -> WooCommerce -> WSHK and open up the toggle where it says “Account Page” and enable all the Toggles except the last one as shown in this image.

And now open up "User Data" Panel and here enable these switches as shown in the image.

The cool Scroll Effect on Molti Ecommerce Showcase Page was built with the help of Sticky Menus Plugin and you need to make these changes for that Scroll Effect to work on your site as well. Please make the changes as shown in the Images below:

And that’s It, now your Molti Ecommerce site is Functioning & Working Perfectly.

🔐 Reset Password Settings

For Reset Password to work correctly, you'll need to select the Reset Password page from the Plugin's settings, simply go to Dashboard -> Settings -> Frontend Reset Password and here select the Reset Password Page.

You can also customize other stuff like Customize Reset Password Email and many other customizations.

👤 Account Page Setup

Molti Ecommerce now provides 2 different My Account pages. One is built using Woo Shortcode Kit plugin and the other is built using the My Account shortcode by WooCommerce. You can decide which one you'd like to use.

Once decided, you can go to Dashboard -> WooCommerce -> Settings -> Advanced, and here select the My Account page you'd like to use.

👀 Login/Register Form Setup

After importing the demo content, the register form might not show at first. You'll need to change a few settings to show the Register form.

For that, go to Dashboard -> WooCommerce -> Settings -> Account & Privacy and here check the option "Allow customers to create an account on the "My account" page" and Save settings.

Then, also make sure User Registration is enabled in your WordPress settings:

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