Important Settings

Once you’re done with Installation & Importing Demo Content. You’ll have to make these changes to make sure everything is perfect.

Go to Settings -> Permalinks and change Permalink to “Post Name” and Save the Changes.

🔎 Quick View

Now we’ll need to go to YITH -> Quick View and in the “Quick View Button Label” we need to replace the text with a capital U and Save Changes. This will show the Search icon for the Quick View Icon on the Shop Module.

🛒 Enable CartPops

Now you’ll have to Enable the CarPops for the “Ajax-based Cart Popup Drawer” and the Cart Icon in the Menu. Just click on the Enable CartPops toggle and Save the Changes. Once It’s enabled and working, you can play around with the Settings and get the most out of this plugin.

❤️ Wishlist Settings

Now we’ll have to Import the Wishlist Settings. For that, look in the Supplementary Files in your PC for the “Molti Ecommerce – Wishlist Settings” and then go to TI Wishlist -> Export/Import Settings and in the Import Section upload that file and click on the Import Button.

If you’re unable to Upload JSON file, please follow this guide:

🐶 Woo Shortcodes Kit Settings

Now we’ll need to enable a few switches for Login & My Account Page to function properly. So now go to Dashboard -> WooCommerce -> WSHK and open up the toggle where it says “Build Your Custom Account Page” and enable these Toggles as shown in the image.

Click to enlarge the Image

After that open up the Toggle where It says “Counters with Data From the Shop and User” and enable these switches as shown in the image.

Click to enlarge the Image

And after that open up the Toggle where It says “Additional Shortcodes” and now enable these switches.

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And Finally, open up the “WooCommerce Additional Settings” and enable this single switch.

And that’s It, now your Molti Ecommerce site is Functioning & Working Perfectly. How you like that?