Change Color Scheme

Want to change the color scheme of your site built using the Molti Ecommerce Child Theme? This guide will help you do so in 2 simple steps!

Important: This Guide Has Been Updated!

Step 1. Change the Buttons Color from the Preset

Open any page using the Visual Builder and open the Button Module settings, then click on the Preset link below the Module Name in the Modal. Then, Edit the β€œMain Gradient Button” Preset Styles. The Modal will flip, then open the Design tab -> Button -> Button Background -> and here edit the Gradient Color or add your own solid color by removing the Gradient Color.

Step 2. Change Color from Theme Customizer

  • Now you can easily change the Accent Color/Color Scheme of Molti Ecommerce in One Click. Simply go to Customizer -> Molti Ecommerce -> Molti Ecommerce Accent Colors and here you can Change the Color to your Brand Color. And It will change the Colors on your whole site in one click.

  • You'll also see the option to change the Top Bar color here that appears above the Header.

  • Secondly, go to Appearance -> Customizer -> Buttons, and here Change Background Color for "Button Style" and "Button Hover Style".

  • Thirdly, go to Appearance -> Customizer and then go to General -> Typography -> and change Body Link Color.

If you see that some colors are still orange, that's probably because they can be changed from within the Module Settings by enabling Divi Builder on the Page.

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