Importing Demo Content

🧱 Import Theme Content

Once you’ve successfully installed and activated the child theme now you can Import the Demo data that comes with the theme.

You may have seen this Notification after the Child theme installation.

You just have to click on Begin Installing Plugins. Now Select all plugins and Select Install from the Dropdown and click on Apply Button.

Once that Done click on Return to Dashboard.

Now Hover over to Appearance and click on Import Demo Data.

Now Click on Import Demo Data Button to import all the Pages and Customizations etc.

And then on the next screen, click the Continue Button and that will start the Demo Import Process. So you'll have to wait for a few minutes here.

When it’s done it will look like this.

🔨 Import Theme Builder Templates

Please extract the "Theme Builder Templates and" file which contains the Theme Builder Templates JSON file.

Once you've Imported the Theme Content, It's now time to Finish the Demo Import Process. Let's Install the Theme Builder Templates and Finish this. For that, Go to Divi -> Theme Builder, and then on the top right corner click the Portability Icon.

Now click on the Import button and then Choose the .JSON file from the Package you’ve downloaded and Click on Import Divi Theme Builder Templates Button.

After Installing the Theme Builder Templates, make sure you click the "Save Changes" button at the top.

And you’ve successfully imported all the content and customizations that came with the theme you can, even more, customize it in your own way.

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